Friday, August 1, 2008


I only have 7 minutes remaining here in the internet cafe, but I'll try to make the best of it. I can't wait until we have the good ol' interweb in our house next Friday! Aside from getting a credit card, getting the interweb is probably the most difficult thing to do here. We were finally approved for a credit card -- with a whopping $2,000 limit! How do they expect people to get themselves into massive, American-sized credit card debt at that rate?

Eric and I are mostly settled, and the place is definitely looking better, although a bit like an Ikea showroom. We got a washer and a dryer, which will be much nicer than lugging our laundry up the road. And we can use the dryer to heat the living room until Sydney warms up, which will hopefully be soon.

We had our first guest the other night, a politician looking for votes. He actually took his pamphlet back when we told him we weren't citizens and thus couldn't vote!

We also managed to visit a bar. There were some dicey moments trying to determine if we wanted a "schooner" or a "jug," but determined alcoholics that we are, we figured it out. Keno is the big thing going in the bars here, although bingo was also on offer the evening we visited. Basically, normal, young Australians don't mind acting like senior citizens if it involves gambling..

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