Monday, August 18, 2008

Australian Post vs USPS

When we were signing our lease, we asked the rental clerk if mail was received every day. He seemed a bit confused by the question and explained that we would only receive mail if someone sent us something. When we explained that in the US mail doesn’t come on Sunday, he assured us nothing like that was the case here.

Yesterday, we tried to return our Quickflix videos by leaving them in the mailbox. The postman must have been very confused as we have since learned that the postman only delivers mail here. As one of my confused co-workers asked, “How would he know if it was outgoing mail or if you just forgot to pick up your mail the afternoon before?” Eric and my co-workers’ were all heartily amused. Apparently we have to drop outgoing mail in a post box.

I did find out today, though, that mail is not delivered here on either Saturday OR Sunday. Score one for the stupid Americans over the rental clerk!

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