Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So long, Minnesota!

We couldn't have had a better last weekend in Minnesota. Saturday we spent 6 hours lounging next to Cedar Lake with covert beverages and injuring ourselves on my new skateboard (okay, so I'm the only one who came away bleeding, but it was MY birthday gift). Sunday we got to see the world-famous St Paul Saints minor-league baseball team crush the Fort Worth Cats with the added bonus of Senator Larry Craig bobble-foot dolls, sure to become collector's items. Both events gave us a chance to enjoy the best part of our time in Minnesota -- the great friends we made. I know, yuck, but we really were lucky to meet such a fascinating group of people who were willing to take us in and make us part of their lives.

Monday began the big adventure with 13 hours in the Mini Cooper with two drugged cats to reach Denver. The cat tranquilizers were a little TOO effective, with the cats alternating between playing dead and appearing to be the undead. All's well that ends well (which, contrary to Eric's opinion, does NOT mean two dead cats), and now we're watching the cats adapt to their temporary home and cat siblings with Amber and Mike. We couldn't have two better friends than Amber and Mike for allowing the cats to stay with them!