Thursday, August 7, 2008

More of me than I wanted to share...

I only have a few minutes as I am at work, but I have to share a quick story from earlier this week. Wednesday I went out on a sales call with Chris, the new salesperson here. I was pretty impressed with myself, looking slick in my Ann Taylor suit. The meeting went well, and I came home feeling like I might make it here after all. Then I discovered that the entire back of my pants was split open. I have no idea if that happened early in the day or when I got out of the cab. Did anyone at work notice??? At least the pants had a black liner, and I had my jacket on all day, so it’s possible my backside escaped unnoticed. It’s also possible that no one felt they knew me well enough to point it out.

On a less embarrassing note, Eric and I went to the pub for dinner, and I ordered the “chicken burger,” which is just a chicken sandwich. All sandwiches on buns are “burgers” here and come with beetroot (just sliced beets), about which I was sceptical. I have to say, it was delicious! The mayonnaise is a very sweet version of Miracle Whip, and I love it, too.

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Mary said...

Oh the memory you provoked! I was totally ambushed by the beet in the middle of a burger in New Zealand--but I didn't like it at all!!