Saturday, January 3, 2009

Let's go surfing now, everyone is learning how!

Eric and I have been surfing four of the last six days, and it has been AWESOME! Okay, it was awesome until today, which was really windy, creating huge waves that pummeled us into submission. It was good for me to realise that this is why I attempted to surf for almost two years in Florida and only stood up once. In Florida, the waves were either too small for me to catch with my girly arms or fueled by the wind, similar to the ones we battled with today. Here, we mostly get lovely waves that roll in in an orderly fashion and are big enough to push me along. I'm still kind of cheating, usually catching waves once they've already broken rather than riding down the face, but I regularly get to see the view from a standing position on my board. Next trick, actually controlling the direction of the board...Regardless of our skill level, there isn't a much nicer day than driving along the coast south of Sydney looking for a nice break, jumping in the water for an hour or two, and then eating our sandwiches on the beach. Since Eric's company pays for all of our petrol, it's even free!

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