Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a tough life

I went to early work yesterday so that I could leave at 4:30 to catch a train to Cronulla, the beach town an hour south of Sydney where Eric works. Eric picked me up at the train station, and we were in the water by just after 6:00. There was very little surf, but it was a beautiful evening to be splashing around in the water. I caught two waves legitimately, meaning before they broke, and I rode another wave long enough to actually steer the board. You can't ask for much more. If you look on the horizon in the picture above, you can see the desalination plant that Eric is helping to design. If you were reading this blog back in August and remember me complaining about a 19 km walk, we walked from where this picture was taken, past the plant to the end of the peninsula, and back!

In the same post when I was complaining about the 19 km hike, I was also exposing the fraud that is Hog's Breath Australia. I swear they have attempted to swipe the identity of one of my favourite bars back home. However, they do have a lovely location on the water, so we decided to have dinner and a jug of beer there after surfing. Eric made me promise not to say anything, which was really difficult when the waiter asked, "Have you ever been to a Hog's Breath before?" I sputtered for a minute before Eric answered "no" for both of us. I did compose a short essay on the comment card after our meal, though. I gave them high marks for food, service, etc., but I also let them know I'm watching them...Next time I'm wearing my Hog's Breath Destin t-shirt!

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