Friday, October 3, 2008

Two big events this week:

1. We received our nine boxes of "stuff." Now all 495 pounds of it are scattered around the house in little piles. It's like moving in all over again!

2. I visited the cats in quarantine for the first time. Leroy isn't doing very well. He didn't seem to respond to my being there at all, and he kept shaking. He seems totally distraught. He's been losing weight for the last year or so, and he's all bones now. I told his caretaker, Josh, that I was concerned that he'd be too freaked out to come out of his little hut to eat. When I called on Thursday, Josh had weighed them to make sure Leroy hadn't lost weight since coming in. I thought that was really nice of him. He's very patient with my calls, and I try not to take too much of his time...Otis, meanwhile, is still just too fat to groom his own butt. They get out 25 October, and I just want Leroy to make it long enough to be comfortable at home.

We're going camping this weekend, Labour Day, with two other couples and another guy. The last part of the drive we'll go on to get there is described here:

Sounds nice, huh? We're expecting rain, so we may do some exploration of the caves...or the vineyards. The website for the campground, which seems to be run by some very interesting people is here:

I recommend checking out the "Brian teaches horse riding" toward the bottom...We'll come back with some stories, I'm quite certain!

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