Saturday, October 11, 2008

Giant horse projections, oh my!

Last night was the opening gala for the horse installation in Erskineville, including horse and cart rides, booths about the history of horses in our village, and giant horse projections. Friends gathered at our house prior to the big event for champagne and nibblies, intrigued primarily by the opportunity to learn what giant horse projections might be. I mean, this was advertised as a family event. We almost missed the event all together given that we averaged one bottle of champagne consumed per person. It was really cool to see all of the different ways people made their horses. One person made a seahorse, which I thought was pretty clever. In terms of artistic ability, the horses ranged from "I beat this lump of clay with a hammer" to "I'm a professional artist." I'd say mine was at the 70th percentile. The evening as a whole was pure 90th percentile -- we had such a great time with everyone, and since people were still here at 2am, I'd assume they had a good time as well!

In other news of the bizarre, there are two circus schools within 2 km of our house. We definitely live in the coolest village in Sydney! Eric and I start flying trapeze school tomorrow. At the end of our nine-week course, we're expected to be able to create a routine and perform it in a show. Eric is winging a bit about the show; I think he's going to feign an allergy to lycra. Anyway, PreVisor had better be nice to me as I'll soon have a whole new set of marketable skills.

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