Friday, September 26, 2008

After hours office fun

In Australia, it is common to have Friday afternoon drinks and "nibblies" in the office. I thought this might just be a PreVisor thing, but I'm assured it's pratically a national worker's right. In our office, we have Corona, wine, and lots of cheese/meat/crackers beginning around 4:30. Every department shares their highlights for the week, like big sales or projects delivered, and there's a lot of teasing and hilarity. Then we sit around finishing our drinks and discussing weekend plans. It's a really nice way to end the week. Sometimes, like last night, a few people are enjoying highlights so much that we continue to a bar. Six of us went to this huge open-air bar, basically the size of a large park, and it was packed with people enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. Queues at the bar were 4 or 5 deep.

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