Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Eric and I took another ferry from his dad's house over to Victoria, British Colombia. We stayed in a nice little hotel in a residential area not far from downtown and walked and walked and walked. In Beacon Hill Park, Eric and I talked to some peacocks and tried to discern the rules of cricket. The latter may require additional explanation. I hear the sport involves snack breaks, so I'm keen to learn. We also spent lots of time in the Maritime Museum, the first hour and a half of which was pretty fun.

It was really nice just to have some time alone. We've really enjoyed visiting everyone, but being on our own in another country (and another member of the Commonwealth!) reminded me that Eric and I do get along pretty well on our own and made me more confident that we can pull off this whole Australia thing. I also spent some time adding little color-coded tabs to a neighborhood guide to Sydney. Nothing like a little anal behavior to soothe the soul.

Going both directions, we must've seemed really shift to the Customs officers. Eric and I just don't know how to respond to, "Where do you live?" Minneapolis didn't seem quite right since we gave up our apartment there over a month ago, and Sydney definitely didn't seem right since 50% of us haven't even been there. The best answer seemed to be "right here," but I think they might have checked our backpack more closely if we'd said that. It's a bit like how I feel every time someone asks where I'm from -- now I'm from nowhere in the past AND living nowhere in the present!

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