Tuesday, June 17, 2008

San Antonio

I was kind of bummed about spending a week just hanging out at the hotel in San Antonio while Eric worked, but then Angela reminded me how many people we know there: Uncle Andy, Uncle Mike and Aunt Phyllis, our cousins Elizabeth, Greg, and Marc, and our longtime family friend, Angie. It was nice to finally see Andy's property, Elizabeth's school, and Mike, Phyllis, Greg, and Marc's rural haven. I thought the area would be desert, but it's a really nice green, hilly area. We were particularly impressed with Andy's poles marking where the sun sets at different times of the year; we hadn't realized how far across the horizon the sun moves during the course of the year. We also went out to Eric's friend Tom's house to hunt arrowheads. I just found regular rocks, which Tom said I could keep, but I figured Eric would freak out if I started packing rocks in my suitcase. He's already threatening to throw pairs of my shoes out of the plane.
Things still seem to be moving really fast. Most of the time we're too busy visiting people to think about what's coming up, but then every once in a while I have too much time to ponder and freak out a little bit. I start to feel like I just can't get a full breath, or like someone is squeezing a fist around my heart. Then I remind myself that I'm not doing this alone, and that between the two of us, Eric and I should be able to handle just about any obstacles that arise.

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