Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Smooth sailing so far in Florida. We've gotten out on my parent's boat a couple of times and on some smaller boats as well. One evening on the boat we got dolphins, WWII airplanes practicing for a show, fireworks, AND a huge harvest moonrise. We also logged some redneck water time today tubing on the Blackwater River. I never cease to be amazed by how many syllables rednecks can fit into each word. And it never would have occured to me to smoke while swimming. Hopefully tomorrow night we'll be racing on my friend Chad's boat, and then Thursday we take off on our 3.5 day sailing adventure. My dad has grand visions of sailing through the night taking shifts at the helm...I'm not so sure. As always, plans in Florida are tentative, weather permitting.
We've gotten to spend some time with old friends, too. We drove out to Panama City to celebrate Josh's birthday, thanks to Krista and James loaning us a car for the week (big thanks!), and we had a sleepover at Krista and James' house -- good thing since we were all wiped out after a Wii marathon. Their 3-year old little boy, Aidan, is so cute we wanted to keep him up playing all night. Chad and Jennifer had us over for drinks, and we met a nice couple who will hopefully be FUTURE friends as they are 90% certain to be moving to Sydney in the next few months. And speaking of cute little boys, Chad and Jennifer's 19-month old, Taylor, is adorable.
We've also been hanging out with the fam, of course. Martha's Dylan (who is different from Angela's Dylan) seems like a super nice guy. He actually races you to get to the door first so he can open it for you! We ate at Martha's place of work, The Back Porch, and now we know why she's so skinny -- with a 1.5-2 hour wait every night, that restaurant is hopping! How she handles the stress and keeps things straight is beyond me, especially when she works for 15 hours without a break.

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